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Irish Minister has come out as gay

Irish Minister Leo Varadkar has publicly come out as gay. He is the first openly gay Irish minister.

In the interview with RTE Radio he said he decided to speak about his sexuality, because as a minister, he would be campaigning for the referendum in support of same-sex marriage.

"I'm a very private person and I still am. I keep my private life to myself and that's going to continue. I always think that friends and family are off-bounds. I went into politics, they didn't. I am a gay man - it's not a secret - but not something that everyone would necessarily know, but it isn't something I've spoken publicly about before." - said Mr Varadkar.

Minister also said that he always knew he was gay, but it was only in the last year or two that he had come to accept it.

“What I really want to say is that I’d like the referendum to pass because I’d like to be an equal citizen in my own country, the country in which I happen to be a member of Government, and at the moment I’m not” - he added.

Congratulations to Mr Leo Varadkar, it takes courage to talk publicly about who you really are.

Leo Varadkar, Irish Minister Minister for Health
(pic from Facebook: Leo Varadkar T.D.)